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About Us

ESCOM project is a pioneer online platform, that is specialized , to manage players in all titles of Battle Royale genre, in an unique way, that hasn`t been seen before!Behind this special managing system,stands a few enthusisatic gamer , with many years of gametime in their controlers and keyboards.
The ESCOM mission is to develop a gaming  platform, that will revolutionise a couch gaming in living rooms, to engage as many amateur and casual gamers as possible and make them a way to upgrade their skills and tactics.

ESCOM online platform has a professional IT company as a support, and the team, that is assigned to this project , boldly works on new options and upgrades, to make this project successfull.
And last, but not least, the ESCOM project has been greatly empowered by GAMESGURU Ltd. , company that has been ten years in gaming world, and always supporting new ideas and courageous plans, that could make competativ gaming more interesting and meaningfull.The employees of the company are actively involved in making this project, and sharing their experiences has a great value for the future of ESCOM.

About escom