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When is the draft time?

The draft time begins at the end of each month and lasts for 10 days.


What happens during the draft time?

During the draft time, the ESCOM system compares the points collected by users and selects the best players. The best 25% of these will be placed in the highlighted zone, where users can buy each other to form a team and become team managers. At the end of the draft time, the scores of all users are reset and a new round begins.


What if, I accidentally pressed the Start button, and I photographed my begin screen incorrectly?

If you photographed your starting image incorrectly or missing the required info (mandatory), use the RESET button before the countdown ends. So you have two more chances to try again. If you couldn’t take the right picture on either of these occasions, you, unfortunately, failed that daily challenge. You don’t have to grieve, because you have the opportunity for two challenges every day.


What if I didn’t upload the final image and the game time has expired?

One of the main goals of ESCOM is to make you feel like you are in a real competition, but at home in your living room. Therefore, according to the rules of the virtual competition, the proof of your placement, i.e. the Finishing screen, must be shown before the time expires. If this cannot be submitted by the user, just as in real tournaments, they will be disqualified from that match. So there is no score for that challenge.No need to worry because there are two challenges available to users every day.