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 Legends update nerfs Gibraltar
 Legends update nerfs Gibraltar

Apex Legends update nerfs Gibraltar, buffs Crypto, and ends grenade spam!

Apex Legends gets a major new item and limited-time mode in the System Override update, but that’s not all that’s changing on March 3. Respawn has provided patch notes ahead of the update, and they bring a host of meta changes with buffs and nerfs for various legends, and a suite of changes for inventory management aim to kill grenade spam.

Grenades are now limited to one per inventory slot. As Respawn explains in the dev stream, this is an effort to combat late-game grenade spam, and it’s caused a cascading series of further inventory changes. Inventory size has been increased by two slots – you start with two more, and each backpack upgrade has been updated to match. Ammo, health, and shield items have had their stack sizes reduced to compensate, too.

After a series of buffs, Gibraltar is getting knocked down a peg. His gun shield now has 50 health, down from 75, which should make the defensive legend a little easier to deal with, especially in one on one situations.

Crypto gets a minor buff, as his primary weapons will now automatically reload while he’s in drone view. Bloodhound’s Eye of Allfather now takes twice as long to activate but lasts an extra second – a combination intended to make sure the ability is more useful for scouting than for combat.
There are also a host of bug fixes, which you can see on the official site. For more battle royale games, you can follow that link for a big list of great ones to check out.