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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Squad Take Pity On Lone Survivor, Decide To Help
'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Squad Take Pity On Lone Survivor, Decide To Help

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Squad Take Pity On Lone Survivor, Decide To Help


Call Of Duty: Warzone can be a cruel and unforgiving place. The aim of the game, after all, is to wipe out all rival players until you and your team are the only ones left standing. Players get shot at, blown up, ran over, crushed by choppers, and even beaten to death - all in the name of victory. It gets rough out there.
That's why it's so heartwarming - and completely unexpected - to hear the story of a squad that came across a rival player out on his own... and chose to take pity on him. Typically, if a full team comes across one player wandering around alone, it's "open fire" followed by swift looting of the body. The solo player very rarely stands a chance.
But that's not what happened to Reddit user MensWashroom6-201U (thanks, The Gamer). MensWashroom found himself all alone after the rest of his team had been quickly and mercilessly wiped out. Being alone surrounded by other squads is bad enough usually, but to make matters worse, the poor guy was only armed with a pistol.
Sure enough, he soon came face-face-face with an enemy squad. While this kind of encounter would usually be over in a second, the squad decided to give MensWsahroom a fighting chance when it became clear he had no intention of returning fire. They dropped him enough armor so that he could properly gear up and survive a little longer - maybe even hopefully find a better weapon and work towards buying some of his own squad back.
Unfortunately, tragedy struck. A third squad appeared on the horizon and opened fire on the newfound friends. In a desperate, heroic bid to save his new allies and let them escape, MensWashroom pelted towards the enemy squad firing his pistol wildly. This technique obviously didn't come to much, and the poor guy was soon bleeding out on the floor.
Still, a noble end for a man that could have been gunned down while trying to run away. Next time you find yourself with the chance to wipe out a player that's been abandoned by their team, maybe spare a thought for the tale of MensWashroom, and think about how you'd want that scenario to play out if you were in that position.
Or you can just gun them down and loot them like you normally would. That's what Warzone is all about, after all.