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Frag grenade
Frag grenade

Frag grenade: How to use them in PUBG

To make the game more realistic, PUBG has used real-life mini weapons like frag grenades and smoke grenades. Frag Grenade in PUBG is a powerful weapon that a player can use in close-range combat situations. At some places, the frag grenade is highly effective as it kills enemies and also clears the path for players to rush.
The frag grenade can also be used to kill enemies hiding in the corners of a room. To make it easier for you to use the frag grenade in PUBG, here are some simple yet useful tips on using the weapon in PUBG.

Frag grenades are more effective when your enemies are hiding behind trees, walls or somewhere in the corners of a building. Anyone sneaking around can be killed with frag grenades as the damage inflicted by a frag grenade is decent enough to kill or damage the health of the opponent.
All one needs to do is to spot the exact location of the enemy and once one is sure about it, one must throw the grenade. In such situations, the enemies will surely move to evade the grenade, thereby opening up an opportunity to kill them.
It is nearly impossible to kill a player who is hiding underwater because bullets do not go deep into the sea. However, with the use of frag grenades, you can kill the opponent. When the enemies swim inside, their health will start depleting at a slower rate. As soon as they come out of the water, throw a frag grenade to cause damage.

No helmet & vest can minimize the damage of a frag grenade.
This is one of the critical advantages of using frag grenade in PUBG. The grenade will cause damage, irrespective of whether the enemy is wearing a new set of level-3 gears or not. You can use the low toss or the high toss to catch enemies unaware.
Each frag grenade in PUBG has a timer that gets activated as soon as you click the pin of a grenade. There are about 5 seconds to throw the grenade or else it will explode in your hand. This is one of the limitations of the frag grenade in the game. Once one has spotted the enemy, they must zero in on the trajectory and immediately hurl it before the timer runs out.