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What are the most common key binds for Fortnite pros?
What are the most common key binds for Fortnite pros?

What are the most common key binds for Fortnite pros?

Choosing your key binds can be incredibly personal, but everyone needs to start somewhere.
Fortnite might be responsible for more people switching to PC than any game before it. A lot of these players are sticking to the controller, but just as many are opting for the keyboard and mouse (KBM) input. Yes, the controller can be incredibly powerful in a lot of situations. The skill gap of KBM remains higher.
The future of gaming is likely on keyboard and mouse, and a lot of Fortnite players are switching their input. There’s no shortage of pros to copy, but how do you know that their setup is best for you?

The more data you have, the better your chances of choosing optimal key binds for your gameplay. Something’s popularity doesn’t always make it the best, but it’s certainly a place to start.
Some of these settings have low statistics, such as floor and roof keys. Nearly half of the surveyed players but their wall on Q and trap on T, however.

The combination of the wall on Q and stairs on your mouse is popular because these will be the most frequently-used building pieces. You need to have them readily available.
Are these the best key binds for you? Not necessarily. Still, this is good data if you’re looking for somewhere to start.
The problem with copying a single professional player is that they may have gear or natural abilities that you don’t have. A player with long fingers will be able to reach keys that may be uncomfortable for you to hit, for example.




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