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The project ESCOM is widely supported in gaming communities , and as it grows and upgrades, many esport organisations and related companies embraced this uniqe competitor system , to give their players new experience and a tool , that can prepare and ready up casual and active players to the next level, to be competative and make their way to the esport scene.

This new way of competing , combining online and live events , gives an opportunity for the players to form and grow the esport community, to make progress in skill and knowledge, and to make new contacts with esport organisations, that can improve the quality of gaming.

All of these partner organisations make daily efforts , to improve and share the new way of competing , by upgrading the ESCOM platform, organising events online and offline , make access to the system easy and understandable to every future player and giving support for the users.

Let us introduce to you our partners:
Gamesguru       Digital Hive    studiopresent    Console Game League